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Complete the online test request form at

Open the mouth swap included in the test kit sent to you by detaching it from its backend. Take the Buccal Swap out of its packaging by holding the handle. Do not touch the cotton tip or touch any surface.

Holding the Buccal Swap by the handle, apply gentle pressure for 60 seconds until the cotton tip touches the inner surface of the cheek and swirl it occasionally. Apply Buccal Swap only to the buccal mucosa of the mouth. Do not rub on the tongue, palate and teeth.

Put the Buccal Swap back in its packaging without touching it. (Do not glue or tape the package opening.)

Use the second mouth swap for the other cheek. (Perform steps 1-2-3-4 in the same way for the other cheek.)


Place both specimens in the buccal swap chamber included in the test kit.


Send the test kit to the genetic trainer as soon as possible.


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